I am planning to set a hoophouse up with raised beds and plant it to raspberries and blackberries.

My current plan is to make raised beds with hemlock planks and fill them with a mixture of compost, peat, soil amendments, possibly fertilizer, perlite, and topsoil.  I am debating how tall and wide to make the beds.  Since bramble rows are usually kept pruned to only about a foot or so wide, is there any reason to make the beds wider than that?  Obviously, wider beds would mean a lot more material to haul in.  If anyone is experienced with this approach to brambles and has suggestions on the beds and what to fill them with, it would be appreciated.

I am also intrigued by the idea of strawberries in bench-high long planting containers, something I have seen in Europe and Japan…anyone tried that?  Anyone know where to buy or how to make the containers?

thanks so much for any thoughts,


Bruce Hammond
Bliss Farm
Lyme, NH