Thanks for the report.

Next year we are going to try for a CO trip again. This year we bagged it due to low snow and went to Big Sky instead. It may be hard to go to CO instead of Montana because Montana is just so nice and lots of space and not a lot of crowds. We love Discovery and it would be hard to not go back.

I guess we are going to buy the Ikon Pass this year.

I skied 23 days on it, That's $27 per lift ticket!! Substantial savings and I'm not done yet. I may go up to Whiteface this weekend and I'm hoping to get to Mammoth in May.

Sadly, without Gore, Whiteface and Okemo (which account for 11 days) it is unlikely I'll get in as many days on it.

If we go to CO, we plan to do Steamboat, WP and maybe Copper/Eldora. But on any ski vacation, we usually ski 7 days. No problem using 5 Killington. If we can do 4-5 Stratton and Sugarbush and get a dozen days, it will be still worthwhile at $50 per lift ticket. The MaxPass was a much better value for my location. Travel beyond Stratton/Killington is doable but much further away and lodging expenses. Gore and Whiteface are less expensive because we have friends there, so we'll likely buy their frequent skier card (Empire Pass).

On Wed, Apr 18, 2018 at 5:26 PM, Miguel Naughton <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
I agree with Sharon, we need more trip reports.  So here's a writeup of my 4 days in Colorado skiing with sometimes lister Mike Angle and my son Matt, who now lives in Broomfield CO.

4/14: Eldora.  As I have mentioned before, this is a wonderful family ski area up the canyon from Boulder.  It's on the Maxpass for this year and as an unlimited option next year for the Ikonpass.  Great mix of cruisers, trees and some steeps.  A nice warm day, it felt like spring.

4/15: A-basin.  Like, wow!  I have attached a picture, check it out.  From the parking lot, it's actually scary.  The Pallavicini (Pali) lift has some seriously gnarly terrain.  I'll not soon forget the run down North Glade to Turbo.  After a few runs on Pali, we moved on and explored other parts of the mountain.  The newish back bowl is lots of fun with a nice mix of blue to black.  We also enjoyed the leftmost upper mountain chair (Lenawee) which has lots of playful terrain.

At A-basin it felt like winter with 2" of fresh.  Good crowd, with a strong tilt towards 20-somethings.  I am so used to seeing old people at ski areas (especially in CO), it was refreshing to see some young faces.

4/16-4/17: Winter Park (mostly Mary Jane side).  At WP, it was back to spring with temps up to 50 and soft moguls.  When we pulled into the MJ lot, I looked up and thought: "hmmm, that's not very steep".  That what happens when you skied off Pali the day before.  MJ has a strong reputation as a bump capital.  It's true, there's lots of bumps, but not so tight as in the East.  The slopes have a good pitch, but it's almost never frightening.  We had lots of fun, but it wasn't extreme.


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