Hi Tim,

Given your budget, you might try a combination of using the Jabra Speak 710
Wireless Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone for Softphone and Mobile Phone
and the Logitech C930e 1080P HD Video Webcam
It doesn't have lavaliere mic's, but the Jabra Speaker does a great job of
picking up a range of conversations on a single track (assuming you don't
mind dealing with that in the editing stages).

We've been happy with this configuration and found that it offers an easily
setup interface as well. All plugs into either Mac or Windows based
computers that you can then record directly into a video editing program
like Final Cut Pro, etc...

Good luck and hope that helps!


Ethan Kichura

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On Thu, May 3, 2018 at 8:28 AM, Tim O'Leary <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> For a number of purposes, I've worked with students and schools to develop
> fairly inexpensive media kits and want to use this group to get some
> suggestions about lavaliere and shotgun microphones specifically for use
> with the Canon Vixia.. or to shift to another camera.
> The Canon Vixia is a cheap ($225) video camera that has a microphone
> input. It's hard to find microphone inputs on cameras that cheap, but
> arguably some tablets would compete.
> Historically, I've used this inexpensive ($29) lavaliere microphone
> <>
> for interview recordings. It's worked well, but sometimes the noise that is
> recorded seems too much. It isn't reliable, which is no surprise for that
> price.
> I've toyed around with many shotgun microphones, but don't really find any
> with better recording qualities than the onboard microphone on the Cannon
> until I'm hitting $150 or more
> So, in short... If you had $400+/- to spend on a video camera, lavalier
> microphone, and shotgun microphone... what have you used and like or what
> would you suggest I explore further?
> I know this is not a lot of money, but I'm working to outfit several
> student-friendly and affordable media kits.
> Many Thanks,
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