CoSN has had a lively strand on this for the last three weeks....a brief
summary from one of the participants....

*"PowerSchool Insight* - had demo, missing some visualizations and limited
customization, RTI functionality coming
*Hoonuit* - had demo, great visualizations and ability to work with data,
RTI functionality
*IOeducation* - had demo, good features and nice visualizations, RTI
*BrightBytes* - had demo, not sure if it has visualizations we need, secret
sauce formula to risk, RTI functionality
*Performancematters/PeopleAdmin* - had demo, not sure their method of data
loading is for us, RTI?
*Alpine Achievement systems* - had demo, looks like it can do all things we
want and RTI
*Forcast5/5lab* - had demo, visualization was good, no RTI
*Schoolzilla* - had demo, great visualizations, no RTI"

If your district is not part of CoSN yet please consider it...resources for
all areas of technology leadership.  District pricing is $340 for SU/SD
with under 2500 students, and includes as many key technology leaders as
you want.  Take a look at

L. Paul Irish
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On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 2:04 PM, Scott Marshia <[log in to unmask]
> wrote:

> Just wondering what everyone uses for assessment data.  We are looking for
> some place to store POA, PNOA, STAR, SBAC, etc.. data and then be able to
> pull it out and work with it.
> Any thoughts?
> Scott