Hello again, Brian!

I just thought of this.  The current document I am using to pick SCED codes for the SECT is SCED_Versin_3_121614.xlsx.  This came form a communication with one of my vendors that records some of this data for me.

We (me and the vendor) would like to know if this is still the correct version to use when picking SCED codes.  I received the link in an e-mail dated 4/2017.  Has it been updated?

Thank you!

Randy Wood

Data Manager - Winooski School District

Winooski, VT 05404

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As promised, please find attached the most recent versions of Vermont’s SLDS Vertical Reporting Specifications. These specifications have been shared with all SIS/state reporting vendors with whom the State is actively negotiating contracts to configure vertical reporting for all Vermont supervisory unions/districts. These specifications are being provided to school district personnel to ensure that they are aware of the details related to vertical reporting via the SLDS and so that districts can prepare for system alignment/mapping activities.


Please note that these specifications are for flat-file submission method only. If you are interested in SIF submission specifications, please communicate with the AOE and we will provide additional details.


Thank you,

Brian & the Vermont SLDS project team


Brian Townsend | AOE Director of Digital Services

Vermont Agency of Digital Services

219 North Main Street, Suite 402

Barre, Vermont  05641

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