Here is an opportunity to help  celebrate the contributions and diverse identities of women and non-binary makers and virtually be part of Nation of Makers.

Certainly an opportunity to increase awareness.

Welcome to We The Builders
We make crowd-sourced 3d printed sculptures out of hundreds - or in this case, thousands of parts, printed all over the world by people like you!
This year, for our fifth project, we're going big - really big. To celebrate the contributions and diverse identities of women and non-binary makers, we’re scaling up a sculpture of Rosie the Riveter to monument-size and printing her in a spectrum of skintones. The sculpture will be over six feet tall and made up of 2,625 parts - and we need everyone in the maker community (regardless of your gender identity) to help us 3d print them!
The exciting culmination of this project will take place during NOMCON, a convening of maker, hacker, technology, and crafts leaders hosted by Nation of Makers happening in Santa Fe, NM this June. Stay tuned for live coverage from the event, as well as a video documenting the build process with some special guests!

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