Saturday, May 19, at 6:00 PM in Foley Square, New York City, the global grassroots organization March Against Monsanto will hold it's 7th march to bring awareness to the public of the human and environment rights violations by the agriculture/chemical company Monsanto now known as Bayer-Monsanto since the merger with pharmaceutical giant Bayer. NYC March Against Monsanto (MAM NYC) is just one of hundreds of cities across six continents participating in this global awareness campaign.

A recent poll conducted by two former attorneys from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division found that over 93% of farmers are concerned about the Monsanto-Bayer merger, and over 82% are “very concerned.” Their top three concerns are increased market dominance to push additional products, excessive control over farmers’ data, and increased pressure to become reliant on chemical based farming practices. 

NYC March Against Monsanto group's objective is to further educate and raise awareness about the deadly impact upon us, our children, pets and planet caused by Bayer-Monsanto's genetically modified seeds, RoundUp Ready plants, poisonous herbicides found in in our food, as well as the suffering from chemical products (Glyphosate and Agent Orange) where studies show indisputable links to cancer, autism, intestinal diseases and damage of the reproductive system. Another issue of concern is the lack of food labeling laws and the "right to know" which foods have been genetically modified.

Following a rally, NYC MAM will hold a candlelight vigil to pay homage to those who have suffered by Bayer-Monsanto products. Following the vigil, concerned citizens will participate in a glow in the dark march to Time Square.

MAM NYC will rise up oin solidarity with groups across the globe to stop this toxic nightmare as we watch overwhelming sickness,  premature deaths, and environmental damage to land and water like never before.

March Against Monsanto is the most powerful grassroots initiative we have in the fight to reclaim our food supply and protect our farmlands for future generations.

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March Against Monsanto - New York City
Twitter: @mamnewyorkcity

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