Thank you for posting this - 

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I urge everyone to have a look at the picture at the bottom of the email that Marcy forwarded.


It's telling that this NASA website where the picture was captured from, has been taken offline.  Even the archived versions of it, which covered every single day of this year, is singularly missing April 15, the day this freak storm happened in Kauai - they've been able to remove key info even from, as I've found out many times (I now make sure I archive at, as well as some others).

Thanks so much Marcy for sending this.  It's a very good compilation.  I've also been making compilations but this one is comprehensive enough.

Please don't miss the "750 page 1978 Congressional Report" (about previous 30 years of weather modifications), with parts highlighted.  See how pervasive and abused it already was back then.

Also don't miss the "100 years of patents..." article, which contains a link to a long list of patents on geoengineering - not just for weather control, but also for other military applications including radio communication systems, missile defense, even to influence the mood and mental states of populations, even though patents on the last one aren't included in this list (and of course, only the unclassified technologies are patented).  Technologies include aircraft spraying of chemicals, using rockets or even satellites to deliver charged particles, and using ground based antenna arrays (HAARP).

This patent list stopped at 2003, here're another important one that came after that:

US20070238252A1 - Application date: 2007-10-11 (Priority date 2005-09-06) - Cosmic particle ignition of artificially ionized plasma patterns in the atmosphere
(The inventor, Bernard Eastlund, died in 2007.  It's pretty well documented that he was the original inventor of HAARP in Alaska)

Here's what makes it even more outrageous: HAARP technology COULD be used for much needed beneficial purposes to help reverse the damage industrialization has caused to the atmosphere, e.g., artificially increase ozone, nitrogen, etc. concentration, or breaking up "various chemical entities such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, and the like", yet their true capabilities are kept a secret and only used for nefarious purposes.

As for Hawaii, they're now also hit by volcano eruptions after hundreds of earthquakes within a few days:
Powerful 6.9 quake, numerous aftershocks hit Hawaii’s Big Island near erupting volcano
Kilauea volcano in Hawaii could erupt after hundreds of small earthquakes

Earthquakes can also be generated with HAARP and related technologies!

Are they punishing Hawaiians for their growing independence movement (It's a sovereign country that never legally became part of the US)?  Or do they just want to scare people away from Hawaii so that they can take over the whole place for whatever purpose?


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The below discussion may be of interest to some folks on this list.
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thank you for putting together all this material. thank you very much

On 5/2/2018 at 6:39 PM, "Lucretia  wrote:
I bet you knew it was not natural.   And that they cut out the attack on Kauai from their website is even more incriminating but how do you go after them?   I don’t know.  
On your question, to the best of my knowledge and research:
The weather control program was put under NASA after Kennedy was killed.  That is NASA’s website and is their commander center for controlling the jet streams of the world and the weather.  It shows the Sulphur they are spraying, the winds, the high pressure ridges they are creating (as they can heat up the sky 10,000 degrees) and thus they totally control the jet stream and precipitation.  They created the winds causing all the fires in Santa Barbara and Montecito and then I watched the site and they made the winds go straight down the coast never allowing any rain into to Oregon almost all winter (we are in a drought year due to this) but on the day of the floods in Montecito, the winds took a 90 degree turn about 15-20 miles past Montecito and then did another 90 turn back up over the area that burned and only in this area of Montecito was the heavy down pour.   The 3HP was heavy there and only there causing massive home damage and death.  The rains did not even hit Santa Ynez where I grew up just over the mountain so it was absolutely a weaponized weather disaster.  
Have you ever watched the Ben Livingston video of what they were able to do in Vietnam back in the 1960’s?   It is on youtube.  Worth the watch.  They could make it rain 14 inches of rain in one hour with just two grams of silver iodide. 
I do not know but I have no doubt they want the islands for themselves as they put us in a deep ice age.  Obama’s Scientific Czar, John Holdren, gave an award to a man that said if you put enough particulates up to block the sun you can create a mini ice age.  While he use to predict in the 70’s a ice age is coming, they benefit with their carbon scam to say we are warming first so they can charge us extra for use of carbon fuel for warmth leaving little money left to buy any food still in the stores..  They are totally diabolically evil. 
My friend who also use to live there (I did too in the 70’s and 80’s on Maui) said his friend is leaving Kauai after his roof blew off his house twice.  Insurance is too expensive and few can afford to stay there with their homes being destroyed by the government created bad weather.   Good luck with your decision on what to do.   Kauai is beautiful but our overlords have other plans for us.
Good Luck Ray in your decision to stay or leave… it is a hard one for sure,
Here are a few of my favorite articles and sites:
Our government has a 5 BILLION dollar budget for geoengineering our weather.  After going through the following info, you will know we have the knowledge, we have the ability to do so and are doing so. 
Here are 10 ways in which our weather and the jet stream is being controlled today:
Satellite images of the spraying and control of the jet stream:
Here is the Popular Science article from 1958 of the 7 ways they had then: “Popular Science” Warns About “Weather As A Weapon” - - Do enlarge and read the 4 pages for yourself – here is just a bit of what you will read from the scientists at the time, including Ed Teller: "Control of Earth's weather and temperature is within the realm of practicability now" says Dr. Joseph Kaplan, chairman of the International Geophysical YearCongressional documents from 1978 prove that global climate engineering had already been deployed at least a decade prior to Dr. Kaplan's statement. …present knowledge lists seven possible ways of changing weather on a global scale………..All of these methods would regulate the distribution of heat in different parts of the Earth's atmosphere. As a weapon (weather), it could be more disastrous than nuclear warfare. The Russians may be ahead of us in weather control and that worries our scientists even more than the technical problems involved.
Weather Modification History – The most comprehensive weather modification and geoengineering research repository on the internet!
In 1957the president's advisory committee on weather control explicitly recognized the military potential of weather-modification, warning in their report that it could become a more important weapon than the atom bomb [William B. Meyer, "The Life and Times of US Weather: What Can We Do About It?" American Heritage 37,no. 4 (June/July 1986), 48]. Today [since 1969], weather-modification....  [log in to unmask]" style="color:rgb(25,106,212)" id="m_2198927189334934486yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_1525037684691_1219258" target="_blank">http:[log in to unmask]
Weather Control Advocated in 1959 Walt Disney Educational Film for controlling hurricanes as we have all items listed in the “climateviewer” link above I have emailed to you:
Mainstream articles on how scientists created 52 rainstorms in Abu Dhabi Desert for under 11 million dollars and with humidity as low as 30% even!
Other mainstream reports of this story of how they only needed humidity of 30% or more to create these rainstorms: - excellent article and no question that it was done.   They state it as fact and no rain was predicted by weather stations that day.  - this article is for the public to create question and controversy of whether it can be done.  I saw the pictures at the time online of the floods they produced with cars floating down the street.
Atmospheric Ionization Generates Rainfall -
by Josh Sanburn for Time 
January 5, 2011
Hail, lightning and gales came through the state's eastern region this summer thanks to scientist-puppetmasters.
As part of a secret program to control the weather in the Middle East, scientists working for the United Arab Emirates government artificially created rain where rain is generally nowhere to be found. The $11 million project, which began in July, put steel lampshade-looking ionizers in the desert to produce charged particles. The negatively charged ions rose with the hot air, attracting dust. Moisture then condensed around the dust and eventually produced a rain cloud. A bunch of rain clouds.
On the 52 days it rained in the region throughout July and August, forecasters did not predict rain once.
While fascinating, this is not the first time scientists have attempted to mess with Mother Nature. China has been tinkering with cloud seeding for years, not always successfully.
But the idea that countries in the Middle East could actually create rain in this water-poor region could go a long way to solving the area's problems with drought and is considered to be cheaper than desalination. But how controllable the weather can be is still in doubt, and the consequences of meddling with nature at this level are yet to be seen.
Nikola Tesla was the first to scientifically document the artificial generation of fog by atmospheric ionization in his Colorado Springs lab, later reporting:
"In Colorado I succeeded one day in precipitating a dense fog. There was a mist outside, but when I turned on the current the cloud in the laboratory became so dense that when the hand was held only a few inches from the face it could not be seen."
Nikola Tesla - (May 18, 1917) 'Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers'
750 page 1978 Congressional Report of the 40 years our government has been covertly spraying and modifying our weather:  
(Pakalert Press) A new Italian film, Chemtrails: The secret war has been released showing a disturbing covert military agenda behind the sinister phenomenon, one that according to evidence presented includes far more than weather manipulation for “climate change.”
“Let’s stand up and defend our rights!” say Italian filmmakers Antonio and Rosario Marciano.
The Marcianos, of the Italia n website Tanker Enemy ( have produced the documentary film, Chemtrails: the secret war (below) to show scientific evidence related to the chemtrails phenomenon. While much of the documentation has been presented in previous years by Professor Michel Chossudovsky, head of Global Research, no film captures the covert war against We the People as well as the Marcianos do.
Chemtrails the secret war - YouTube
And as Secretary of Defense (under Clinton), William Cohen said… others are engaged in such but did not admit we are but you have to admit we have the patents, the tools and the skies are clearly being ionized and hit with frequencies that cause high pressure ridges to form.
There is much more proof but I will leave it at that.  Have a wonderful trip and time in Alaska.  Also thank you so for your thoughts and suggestions on my house challenges. 
Best Regards,
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Hi Lucretia,
I live here, 7 feet of water under house. All the hills were one giant river. I'm very interested in anything you have found on this. I know it was not natural.

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Ray this is the photo I captured of the site when Kauai got hit by that 26 inches of rain in 24 hours – there are no rains that go around squares in nature.   See photo.
From: Lucretia 
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Subject: : Kauai got hit by weaponized weather... BAD!
Kauai got hit by weaponized weather... BAD!
You only have to look at the NAZI, I mean NASA website, to know this was deliberate flooding and destruction of homes and lives in Kauai.
Look at the box around and above Kauai on the 15th at 14:00 local time which was when the storm was happening yet Kauai is only showing moderate rain if any.   A square just does not happen in nature.  Absolutely does not happen.  SORRY!  BUSTED!  Sue our government Kauai. 
Storm hit Kauai from 2 pm Saturday 14th into 2 pm Sunday on the 15th.

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