DO NOT VOLUNTEER YOUR GENOME! The US govt is trying to recruit 1 million people to volunteer their genomes.  This nefarious govt can not be trusted.  There're many things that can be done to ENTIRE POPULATIONS when a lot is learned about the genetic variation in a large sample of the population.  Please spread the word, and discourage everyone you know from participating.

The reason why I keep sending info exposing the US govt's false flags and other dark deeds, is to spread awareness of just how deceptive and how much evil the US/UK/allies governments can go to - there's no limit, literally.  No matter what good can be done with any research and discovery, much more harm can be done with the same.

Also remember, defense contractors are now in charge of healthcare data:

Individually, as Norman A. Paradis, Professor of Medicine, explained: "If the genome of one of your relatives is in one of these databases, then essentially so is yours."  The recent capture of the "Golden State Killer" via a match in an ancestry DNA database, illustrates this.  Anyone can be targeted for covert assassination when some of their relatives' genomes are known.  Of course, this applies more to otherwise well protected individuals, such as national leaders (the State department has long been collecting biometric data and biological material from foreign leaders and diplomats).  For the rest of us, the government already has plenty of easy ways to snuff out someone without being detected.