Greetings birders,

North Branch Nature Center and Friends of the Missisquoi teamed up for a
delightful birding paddle this morning that yielded roughly 66 species
during our four hours on the water.

One big highlight was a Cerulean seen singing at 8am about 200 yards
downstream on Dead Creek from where the creek splits from the Missisquoi
River. There was another Cerulean heard  across the river in the same
earshot. The first bird was observed again on the return paddle at 1130am.

Other notable highlights included:
Black Tern (1)
Common Gallinule (2)
Yellow-throated Vireo (2)
Bank Swallow (2)
Purple Martin (1)

The paddling and birding is beautiful up there right now. Good luck!

Sean Beckett
Staff Naturalist
North Branch Nature Center