My route for the annual Northeast Nightjar Survey, begins at the Lemon 
Fair Cemetery in Cornwall, travels along the eastern flank of Snake 
Mountain through Weybridge, crosses the Otter Creek into New Haven and 
ends below the western slopes of Buck Mountain in Waltham at the Sunset 
View Cemetery.

Five Whip-poor-wills were heard, with two of them at one of the sites.

It is the standard nine miles in length with 10 six minute point counts 
a mile apart.  Start time was at the end of Civil Twilight, 8:55pm.  The 
end time was 10:49pm.

Last night was calm, clear, and well moonlit.  All but one of the birds 
were heard at known sites from previous years and earlier this year.  
But one of the Weybridge locations is new to the area and route.  I 
heard a bird there for the first time two days ago. Nice to have it make 
the survey!  Other night birds included a few Woodcocks and one probable 
Long-eared Owl that gave an alarm/greeting call.

Best wishes to all they other surveyors throughout Vermont .....