I had a conversation with Jean DeCell on the phone a month ago as I was asking about possible workshops and  training. She called me immediately after I had emailed her the following,

In reading the information you reference below, it states that the "Vital Records Office is responsible for setting up and training town officials to use the statewide system." Am I correct in assuming that there will be more training as this gets closer to fruition?

She told me in our telephone conversation that we were to read the Q&A section on their website to get the answers to our questions. Then a week or so later, she sent the letter you are referring to everyone. I guess Skype is their best idea of "setting up and training town officials to use the statewide system." Maybe we are all spoiled because the Secretary of States office does a great job of educating us.

I have so many more questions that their Q&A sections doesn't come close to addressing.


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Hi all,
The VT Department of Health sent around an email back on May 24th .  The subject line was “Act 46 update from Vital Records”.  Here’s what it said:
Dear City/Town Clerk,
Over the past several months we’ve been busy developing a new application for issuing and tracking certified copies and modifying the Department’s existing birth and death registration systems to meet the requirements under Act 46. This is a very large and complex project that touches many business processes and impacts multiple stakeholder groups. 
With July 1st approaching we are discussing an adjusted timeline and anticipate that training (via Skype) town clerks to use the statewide system will occur this summer.  At this point there is no action for you to take.  We will get back to you with a more comprehensive message about what to expect within the next two weeks. 
Thank you for your patience as we strive to ensure a smooth transition to the new law. We look forward to speaking with you soon.
Warm Regards,
Jean DeCell                                        Cindy Hooley                                                         
State Registrar                                  Vital Statistics Information Manager  
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Hi Cassie
You have raised a very important issue…
We also are in the dark at this point – it is our understanding that Health is not going to meet the deadline and we are unsure what that means statutorially.
Town Clerks and VSARA are the public face and the public may not be happy.
We have been trying to get a better understanding.
Helen Reid is the point of contact…
Health Surveillance Division, Helen Reid, Director
            108 Cherry St, Suite 306
            Burlington, VT, 05401
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Subject: Vital Records July 1st
Good morning all,
Has anyone heard an update to the new vital records law?  We received an email on 5/24 that said there may be an adjusted timeline and a week later I emailed back to see what that meant but have not received a reply.  The law said July 1st and I am wondering if that is still the case.  I am sure we are all trying to prepare the public when they ask questions about how to obtain a birth certificate.  It would be helpful to know if it is going to be implemented on time and if we need to notify callers with the fact that there will be an application and ID required.
Thanks all and have a great weekend.
Cassandra Barbeau
Town Clerk
Bennington, VT
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