Soooo, what do we do if someone comes in on July 2 to get a copy of a birth
certificate? Do we make a copy from our vault? Will we have the forms that
they need to fill out? Or let them get one without filling out the form,
until the forms are ready? I feel like we should be following the statute
but I don’t know what that means.


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I emailed them back an got the following response that it was the full
process from application to printing.  They stated sometime hopefully in
August.  I was nice of enough to remind them that we have an election in
August and they would have to work around our schedules.  They said thanks
for letting them know.  I am not sure how this happened when we were all
told it was just a flip of the switch and not be a problem.  


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Good morning all,


Has anyone heard an update to the new vital records law?  We received an
email on 5/24 that said there may be an adjusted timeline and a week later I
emailed back to see what that meant but have not received a reply.  The law
said July 1st and I am wondering if that is still the case.  I am sure we
are all trying to prepare the public when they ask questions about how to
obtain a birth certificate.  It would be helpful to know if it is going to
be implemented on time and if we need to notify callers with the fact that
there will be an application and ID required.


Thanks all and have a great weekend.



Cassandra Barbeau 
Town Clerk 
Bennington, VT 
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