Dear PIs, Business, and Grant Administrators,

With Uniform Guidance that went into effect on December, 26, 2014, under certain circumstances computing devices are eligible to be charged as direct costs on a federal sponsored award.  Direct charging of laptops, desktop computers, and printers is allowed as long as the purchase is essential and allocable, but not solely dedicated to the performance of the federal award.

SPA has been working to streamline our processes and reduce administrative burden on the PI and Departments.  Effective immediately, the existing Computer Service budget account has been split into two budget accounts to allow for easier direct charging of computing devices.


With this change any account listed under Computer Devices (F6021) no longer requires the completion of a direct cost justification form.  The form is still required for all remaining accounts under Computer Services (F6020).  See the list below for all accounts associated with each budget level.


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Please contact your SPA Financial Analyst if you have any questions.


Thank you.


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