Dear Business Administrators and Principal Investigators,

After weeks of research, writing, internal reviews, and soliciting and processing stakeholder feedback, SPA has completed procedures for issuing and amending outgoing subawards; and for processing subaward invoices. One of our main goals for these process documents was for them to be comprehensive, yet easy to read and to understand.  We looked for and were thankful to receive feedback from University Business Advisors (UBA) and a number of Business Administrators. 

The final versions, effective 6/25/18, of these procedures are now available on the SPA website devoted to Outgoing Subawards:


Our final FY 18 procedure, Cost Share, has completed internal SPA reviews and will be sent to UBA for feedback this week.  We will continue to work on and publish procedures, mostly in the post-award area, in FY 19.  With respect to the process documentation efforts for the procedure just published, I would like to specifically acknowledge Molly Epstein, Emily Trantum, Kathy McConnell, Linda Serrantonio, Brian Prindle and Nicole Schwartz.  We truly appreciate UBA’s support and feedback as well comments we received from our partners in business units.  

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the documents.


Have a great week,




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