Hi Sarah,

In our network we currently have a full spectrum of machines and have tested several others.  We have cheap and high end Parks, Unetix, and VascuLab.


Of all the machines we use across our network, VascuLab is hands down our favorite.  http://www.vasculab.com/

-          You can customize it the way you want and can easily keep up with a full High end Parks machine.  It is easier to use then any other machine on the market and costs significantly less.  We have 3 across our network and are looking at getting more.  The ONLY 2 complaints we have are that the Metatarsal and Toes need to share a hose (May be an upgrade in future) and we haven’t really tested out the support since we have not had no major issues with any of them.


If cost is not a factor then go with a Parks machine.  https://www.parksflolab.com/

-          If it wasn’t for the price we would only have these but the cost is hard to swallow if you need multiple machines. 

-          Parks is well known and very respected.  The machines are work horses, the support is great and Doppler is better then any machine out there.  But again, Parks are the most expensive of the 3 we have seen and used.


A  cheaper alternative would be the Unetix machine.  https://www.unetixs.com/

-          The higher end machines are decent and can compete with parks and vasculab but are equal in price.

-          They make super cheap models and a few in between making it more consumer friendly.


Hope this helps,

Andrew M. Bachman, Bs RVT

St. Lukes University Hospital and Health Network

The Heart and Vascular Center


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My lab is in the market for a new segmental pressure / PVR machine. Looking for recommendations for reliable machine, user friendly, and great customer service. Must be able to do the following:


UE/LE seg pressures/PVRs/ABIs

Exercise testing

Raynaud's testing

Digit PPGs

Allen's tests


Thank you!



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