Copy-pasting Search Details into the search bar is one option:
"Appendicitis/complications"[Mesh] AND English[lang] AND "2008"[PDAT] : "2019"[PDAT] AND ("infant"[MeSH Terms] OR "child"[MeSH Terms] OR "adolescent"[MeSH Terms])

Another is the use the "Send to email" feature.

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Subject: Question about how to include the child filter in a PubMed search

I’m looking to send a link to a PubMed search to a physician that includes the filters for the past 10 years, English language and Child age-range.

English[lang] AND ("2008"[Date - Publication] : "2019"[Date - Publication]) covers the date and language filters, but what can I use in the search strategy for child?  Here’s the link with the date and language:

If I can’t figure this out, I can always include a picture that shows how to add this filter, but that isn’t ideal.  I feel like this should be an easy question to answer, but I haven’t figured it out yet.
Thanks for your thoughts. 😊


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