Yeah, CB was okay.  Most of these major western ski areas, ummmm, seem very alike - Park City, T-Ride, CB, Breck.  The base area, the condos, the restaurants, the yuppie shops and of course that phony-like brick courtyard and walkways - they all seem like Bertucci's.  I have not skied at Jackson Hole in years but as someone in Ouray told me, "Jackson Hole is where the billionaires gout chased out by the multi-billionaires" which isn't for me.  Nothing against billionaires - most of them earned it which had to be difficult and I think they are vilified too much  - but they're different from me in many ways though I ain't exactly poor.  I'm relaxed and happy getting off the exit on I-93 and driving up the 10 miles or so through the forest and arriving at the simple condo-less base area in the woods and patronizing those world class 5 star restaurants Buckets, T-Bars and the upper mountain Schwendi Hutte all where I was taken care of nicely by Ryan, April and Lizzie with New England hospitality.

Crested Butte's expert terrain was just about all closed due to low snow but the terrain looked pretty cool.  Roughly 11" new fell the night before I skied there and ungroomed intermediate terrain skied nicely though I was hitting rocks and brush - it was like opening day at Mad River!  I recommend checking out Irwin Guides for cat skiing and touring, though. I have not skied with them, but they have a very talented guiding staff - I did ski and take coursework with them - and I cringe while saying this, but the terrain north of town (Gothics) has been pretty much flying under the radar until a bit recently and it is the snowiest spot in Colorado.

Yeah, the ticket deals are nice for those that have to pay, LOL!  I did though pay for 2 day tickets at Crested Butte, another one at Lake Louise and an uphill one at Mount Snow.
Mark P. Renson

On Monday, June 4, 2018 3:05 PM, Miguel Naughton <[log in to unmask]> wrote:


I have skied at Crested Butte.  It's basically an intermediate mountain where they glommed on some upper bowls and "extreme" terrain.  But the lift layout is awkward.  In some ways it's like Breck/Copper/Keystone where they also added black diamond terrain but with issues such as awkward lifts, extreme altitude, limited vertical and a distinct lack of trees.  IMHO, the best additions were at Keystone where they expanded horizontally and managed to create a balanced ski area.

CB is pleasant with nice scenery and an abundance of Texans.  Certainly a reasonable place to ski at the right price.

Yes, I like Stevens Pass and A-Basin.  My kind of ski areas.


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