Hi All,

I have a new Thermo Flash IRMS elemental analyzer attached to a ConFlo IV to a Delta V Adv.  All is running well with the system isotopically.  I want to collect the TCD data and use it calculate percents.  Currently I am using the default settings for TCD detection in
my "EA Method" but I am sure that there are better settings.  Can someone send me their settings and/or suggestions so that I can get up to speed quicker?

Thanks in advance! 

Specifically I need settings for the “Evaluation” tab in the “EA Method" - I assume that these are what is used to define the TCD peaks.  Default settings detect big broad peaks.

Peak detection enabled — checked
start slope 0.2
end slope 0.4
minimum height 50
peak resulution 50%
max width 180
component offset 0

background — Skimmed BGD

I can figure out peak detection range but is there anything special?

TCD control parameter tab — This one seems pretty simple but any tips would be great!

Thanks again.

Jason Curtis, Ph.D.
Stable Isotope Mass Spec Lab manager
Senior Associate-In Geochemistry
Department of Geological Sciences
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611