Hi Vladimir,


You need the optical adapter available from Thermo, P/N 2095540-01 and Costech’s control box to run a zero blank autosampler with the Conflo IV. The adapter goes on the end of a 25 pin connector from the conflo IV and then to the autosampler controller. I have used this with a conflo IV, TCEA configuration. There is a description in the conflo IV manual, pg 5-1. My TCEA setup looked just like the picture in the manual except no MAS200 cable; it connected to an autosampler control box for the zero blank instead.


Cheers, Ben


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Dear Vladimir
Here you can find more details about the zero blank autosampler
as far as I remember there should be a thread about the conpatibility argument into the isogeochem archive.

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Dear colleagues!


In our lab we are working witn the labeled nitrogen and because of possible atmosphere leaks it is important to us to have our analytical system as tight as possible.

I've heard about Costec Autosampler for EAFlash that it is more airtight than our usual Thermo MAS 200 autosampler. But I don't know is it possible to connect this sampler to the other parts of our system.

If one of our community has a scetch or link to any sourse of information about detailed schematic (connectors, extra devices and so on) for Costech autosampler, TC-EA and ConFlo IV (not for the old one) please send these materials to me!
Many thanks in advance!

Best Regards, Vladimir

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