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The University of Plymouth is looking for two permanent lecturers (Teaching & Research) in Inorganic, Analytical Chemistry. This is to teach on the Chemistry course, but most of our research is focused on Environmental and Geochemistry, so some of you could be a great fit, especially if you are into innovative methodologies. We have great analytical equipment incl ICP-MS & TIMS and first-class technical support. Appl closes 19 August!…/lecturer-in-chemistry-inorganic-a…/


Please share with colleagues as well.


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Dr Sabine Lengger


Visting scholar to the Organic Geochemistry Unit

Lecturer in Chemistry


Twitter: @doc_sabine

S.K. Lengger, et al. (Org Geochem, in press) Archaeal and bacterial glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraether (GDGT) lipids in environmental samples by high temperature-gas chromatography with flame ionisation and time-of-flight mass spectrometry detection.