Dear colleagues,

With the deadline fast approaching for the AGU Fall Meeting abstract submission (August 1st, 2018), please consider submitting an abstract to session PP030 titled, “Paleo-CO2 recontruction in the Phanerozoic, which will be held in Washington D.C. December 10-14, 2018. This session welcomes contributions examining the history of CO2 variations in the geological past.

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Session Description:
The history of atmospheric CO2 variations in the geological past is important to evaluate the role that greenhouse gases played during past climate changes, which also provides a basis for future climate projections. A wide range of paleo-CO2 proxies from marine and terrestrial sedimentary archives have been developed and applied across various timescales. Sources of uncertainty associated with these proxies may be attributed to: 1) uncertainties in empirical calibration; 2) uncertainties in regression model input variables; 3) uncertainties in measurement; 4) uncertainties in age. The conversion of modern calibration to paleo-application is also complicated by a lack of mechanistic understanding of some of these paleo-CO2 proxies. This session aims to bring together researchers that use paleo-CO2 proxies to understand the CO2-climate relationship, with particular focus on clarifying sources of uncertainty inherent to specific proxies. We encourage contributions focused on the development, validation, or application of CO2 proxies in paleoclimate research.
Confirmed Invited Speakers: 
Dana Royer, Wesleyan University
Sindia Sosdian, Cardiff University
Ying Cui, Dartmouth College
Yige Zhang, Texas A&M University
Brian Schubert, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
William Leukens, University of Louisiana at Lafayette