Dear colleagues,

We warmly invite abstract submissions to our session "Ice Core Records of Environmental Change (C022)" at the upcoming AGU 2018 Fall Meeting. 

Nancy Bertler (Victoria University of Wellington) and Ed Brook (Oregon State University) have kindly agreed to be the invited speakers at the session.

​We look forward to ​seeing you in D.C.!
Best regards,​

​Murat Aydin​ (University of California, Irvine)
​.J. Fudge (University of Washington)
Erich Osterberg (Dartmouth College)
Vasilii Petrenko (University of Rochester)
​ Yan (Princeton University)

Session Title:
Ice Core Records of Environmental Change

Session Description:
Ice cores record environmental variability over seasonal to orbital timescales often at a resolution unmatched by other archives. This session seeks to integrate ice-core records from around the world with climate models and other paleoclimate archives to gain insight into past and future environmental change.

We invite contributions on, but not limited to: new results from ice core campaigns, new analytical techniques, advances in proxy interpretations, paleoclimate reconstructions that integrate ice cores with other natural archives and/or climate model simulations, inferences of past ice dynamics as well as glaciological studies that help to inform ice core interpretation. We encourage contributions over a range of temporal scales spanning the past decades to glacial-interglacial cycles.