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LGR's Liquid Water Isotope Analyzers do not require the use of compressed air. These analyzers are designed to operate with the drying unit supplied with each analyzer (drierite). This drying unit effectively dries ordinary ambient air for use as a flush gas and thus obviates the need for compressed gas cylinders. 

(Of course, the analyzer does not prohibit the use of compressed air and users are welcome to use compressed air if desired.) 


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'Zero grade' should be ok. We've been using an 'industrial grade' air cylinder from BOC on our T-WVIA and had no issues.

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Hi everyone,

We just received a new Los Gatos T-LWIA water isotope analyzer, but the bottle of compressed air that's supposed to ship with it is missing.

I have a cylinder of 'zero grade' (1 ppm hydrocarbons, 19.5% to 23.5% O2) compressed air in the lab, but I'm having a hard time getting an answer from LGR (1) regarding the purity of the compressed air that's supposed to ship with the unit; and (2) whether my compressed air cylinder, along with the supplied Drierite drying unit, would be sufficiently pure to flush the cavity. 

What grade of compressed air do LGR users out there normally use to flush their units? Any input is greatly appreciated.

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