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I am writing to introduce the SPA EDU series of seminars for the upcoming school year. 


As you know in the past fiscal year, and with assistance from our many stakeholders, SPA documented a number of processes, which we consider critical to sponsored project administration.  We will continue our documentation efforts, primarily in the area of financial management (post-award), in FY 19. 


Starting in early June, we have worked with our colleagues in Professional Development and Training to create a series of educational seminars devoted to these processes.  We hope that each session will involve discussions and opportunities to share perspectives and issues rated to the topic.  For overall objectives and learning outcomes envisioned for each session, please view them on   


We are working with our colleagues at Research Protection Office and Research Integrity to add two seminars focused on research compliance and will let you know when these have been scheduled.

Registration for all other sessions is now open;  please follow the steps outlined under the table below to sign up. 


Session Name

PS Course

Lead Facilitators

Scheduled Dates

SPA Seminar: Introduction to Sponsored Project Administration


Sonya Stern, Julie Macy, Emily Trantum, Linda Serrantonio and Lana Metayer

09/19/18 and 01/10/19

SPA Seminar: Essential Regulatory Compliance in Sponsored Project Administration


Marcy Whittle and Sonya Stern


SPA Seminar: PeopleSoft Tools and Best Practices for Financial Management of Sponsored Projects


Linda Serrantonio and Lana Metayer

10/10/2018 and 04/17/2019

SPA Seminar: Preparation, Review and Submission of Sponsored Project Proposals


Julie Macy


SPA Seminar: Award Acceptance for Sponsored Agreements. Establishment of Advance Accounts.


Emily Trantum


SPA Seminar: Outgoing Subawards


Molly Epstein and Linda Serrantonio


SPA Seminar: Non-Payroll Cost Transfers on Sponsored Projects


Linda Serrantonio


SPA Seminar: Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects


Julie Macy and Linda Serrantonio


SPA Seminar: Carrying Forward of Funds From One Year to Another and No Cost Extensions on Sponsored Projects


Linda Serrantonio and Julie Macy


SPA Seminar: Sponsored Project Financial Reporting and Closeout


Linda Serrantonio


Overview of IRB, IACUC and IBC


Melanie Locher


Overview of FCOI and Export Control


Victoria Jones



How to Register


To register, log into PeopleSoft Human Resources and go to:


Main Menu > Self Service > Learning and Development > Request Training Enrollment


Click Search by Course Number and enter the course code. Click the Session Number that corresponds with the desired date and click Continue, Submit, Yes until you reach the "Save Confirmation" page.


Thank you,


Sonya Stern, MBA | Director | Signing Official

University of Vermont

Sponsored Project Administration

217 Waterman | 85 South Prospect Street

Burlington, VT 05405-0160

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