Has anyone else dealt with having their IP address blocked?  We have run
into this where sites hosted on Akamai are blocking our IP.

We contacted Akamai and they claim they don't block IPs, that individual
entities control what is blocked and that we need to request to be
unblocked by each entity.

Unfortunately so many sites are hosted on Akamai including,, even our bank is for their ebanking portion.

Other then changing our external IP address, anyone have any insight on a
faster way to resolve this?  It takes me 10 minutes to get the support-line
person at each site to understand my request, then to get them to forward
me to the correct person who can move this on to their IT dept. It is a

I am hitting a brick wall with xfinity/comcast.  They can't get past the
"you have to contact your service provider" even when I try to explain that
we have been working with them and what the issue really is... start loop

Sylvia Gagne
IT Support
Missisquoi Valley Union Middle and High School
175 Thunderbird Drive
Swanton, VT 05488