Hello all:


The Lake Champlain Maritime Museum is considering offering a blended learning experience around their museum content.  I’ve been asked to help them a bit with some course design especially with regards online curriculum and virtual connections to share the content and artifacts they have.. we are trying to look at this as a possible model for other VT Museum content and see if there is some way we can help schools get more students “in front” of some of this rich Vermont-based material.    The bigger idea is to blend some virtual visits, with some online content to make it either a short term unit based approach and perhaps have it lead to some kind of semester long experience that could go on top of some existing curriculum. 


I’m seeking a couple of schools that might want to help us pilot this.  Best would be:


·         History teachers interested in US or even more specific American Revolution history—middle or high school grades

·         Teachers with a little bit of tech savvy.. and ones that are interested in developing a virtual and blended learning experience for their students.

·         Teachers that really want to have a hand in helping design what this might look like and could devote a little time to some phone conversations and maybe even a portion of a day to help plan and strategize?

·         Teachers that would be most interested in using their classroom and students as the pilot group for doing this


If you can think of one or two names to send along my way, I’d be much obliged. 




Peter Drescher

State Director of Educational Technology

VT Agency of Education

219 N. Main St. Suite 402

Barre, VT   05641






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