*Has anyone else migrated their Google domain (with Chrome devices)?What
time frame did it take to migrate?Did you do this yourself or hire a vendor
to do this?I have been trying to work with Google Support to solidify a
plan for doing this, but with each call I'm being told something different.
If you have migrated your domain successfully, what was the process? Here
is what I have so far:Our Goal: Migrate our current domain
<> to <>. All users, devices,
documents, groups, calendars, security settings, emails should transfer to
the domain as well. While discussing this issue with Google support I am
led to understand: 1. We cannot migrate our domain (switch the primary
domain) from wwsu to huusd while we have Google Chrome licenses associated
with our domain. We must first deprovision all devices from our domain. Per
google this can only be done in batches of 40 at a time, ensuring
auto-re-enrollment is turned off2. Users will still be able to utilize the
devices at this time, but they won’t be managed by


   2. Once we switch the primary from wwsu to huusd, the new huusd domain
   won’t have any users associated with it. We can bulk add users via csv file
   import, but doing it this way is essentially creating new users. This won’t:

* 1. Migrate the wwsu user docs and security to this user2. Migrate
calendars. 3. Create the user with a <> aliasWhat
has been recommended is to MANUALLY rename all the users from
[log in to unmask] <[log in to unmask]> to [log in to unmask]
<[log in to unmask]>. This can be done via dropdown. I’m looking into the
feasibility of bulk renaming users. I imagine this can be done before
swtiching or after. As I understand it, this will migrate the wwsu user to
the huusd domain and accomplish points a, b, and c from above. But this is
time consuming. Additionally, once the user has been renamed to huusd, they
will not be able to access google services, such as email or chomebook
login using <>. So everything will have to be
communicated BEFORE the renaming, that <> needs
to be used. So nothing will be accessible until after we have gone through
the time consuming process of renaming each user, and what reasonable time
frame should be communicated before users try the new huusd login?4. Then
we would need to migrate our device licenses into the huusd domain and
re-enroll (or enroll) each device. This is also a challenge. As I am being
told we need to: 1. Manually powerwash each device which we would need to
be physically in front of2. Re-enroll each device manully cntrl\alt\E. 3.
For each device to re-enroll into the proper domain OU this should be done
with an account that is in that OU, ensuring the account used has
enrollment permissions in the domain, and the setting in the domain is set
to enroll device in users OU. We could have each user do this themselves,
but we would have to communicate the process to them prior to renaming
them. Once renamed, we would have no way to reach out to each user to let
them know to powerwash and re-enroll their device. *

Philip Hayes
System Administrator
Harwood Unified Union School District
(802) 583-7957