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We have an opening for a new head technician at the Stable Isotopes in Nature Laboratory (SINLAB).  SINLAB is a vibrant lab located at the Fredericton campus of the University of New Brunswick in Atlantic Canada. We combine research in isotope ecology with external service contracts (gotta pay the bills) for a diverse range of clients. The ideal candidate will have experience operating and troubleshooting Thermo equipment (EAs, conflo, mass specs and GasBench), in addition to maintaining QA/QC standards in an isotope lab. Full detailing and application procedures are available here Please respond to me directly with any informal queries.

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Dr. Brian Hayden

Science Director
Stable Isotope in Nature Laboratory (SINLAB<>)

Canadian Rivers Institute
Department of Biology
University of New Brunswick
Fredericton, NB
E3B 5A3, Canada

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