Hi Sonja,

if I remember correctly the time in the Picarro interface is just your system time and you can set it in Windows. The time stamp in the output files is more of a problem as it is also tied to the system time but doesn’t respect time zone settings. It’s set to one fixed time zone (GMT+0 I believe?). The only way we have found to convince the output files to show the right time stamp is to set the windows time zone to the one the Picarro software wants to be in (above mentioned GMT). If you are not using the computer for anything else than running the Picarro that shouldn’t cause any problems.

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Hi all,
I'm a graduate student at FIU, and the first one to use our Picarro. So here's the first of many questions I'll probably have:
How can I set the clock on Picarro model G2101-i?
Right now, the monitor screen displays a time 18-19 minutes off from reality. The metadata displays the same time as the monitor, but the data in the file is 6 hours ahead of the monitor/metadata time.
Thanks! -Sonja