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Please consider submitting an abstract to the special sessions at the upcoming 2019 Aquatic Sciences meeting.

To all of those working on or wondering about dissolved organic nitrogen,
We want to hear about DON that is on the move! Rachel Sipler, Angela Knapp, and I are chairing a session at the upcoming Aquatic Sciences meeting that is focused on the interactions between labile/bioavailable DON and microbial and biogeochemical pathways and processes. From sources and sinks to compounds and colloids, we want to hear about it all. The 2019 Aquatic Sciences Meeting<> will be held in sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico February 24 - March 1, 2019, and the abstract submission deadline is October 15. The full session description is pasted below. Please pass this along to members of your lab groups, institutions and anyone else dedicated to DON. We hope to see you there!

Session SS68, "The overlooked role of dissolved organic nitrogen in biogeochemical pathways"

This session focuses on labile dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) and its critical role in elemental cycles, particularly the nitrogen cycle. This topic has often fallen through the cracks between nitrogen sessions, which focus primarily on inorganic nitrogen pools and processes, and dissolved organic matter sessions, dominated by characterizations of the broad and mostly refractory DOM pool, which also contains DON. This session will bring together studies and scientists working to unravel the processes and DON compounds that biologically or physiochemically cycle among nitrogen species. Labile DON is a substantial reservoir of fixed nitrogen and is an active participant in local, regional, and global-scale biogeochemical processes. However, the composition and cycling of this pool is not well understood because it is composed of thousands of individual molecules, many of which do not accumulate in the water column due to their rapid turnover. Contributions may include the enumeration and cycling of specific labile DON compounds (e.g. amino acids, urea, polyamines, N-containing vitamins) as well as studies on the dynamics of broadly characterized labile DON pools with respect to system processes (including inorganic nitrogen cycle processes – e.g. nitrogen loss, nitrogen fixation, and nitrification). We welcome submissions from all marine and aquatic environments.


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Angela Knapp, Florida State University, [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>

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