Hi Jordon,

All the vendors would have this data on hand, broken down by sales region, main application, revenue/research, etc. Reach out directly to whoever heads up global sales for the three majors (Thermo, Elementar UK, Sercon) and the lasers if you want to get really thorough. If you're lucky one will give you a number. If you're really lucky one will throw a market analytics contract your way to sift through the data.

Off-hand I'd peg just IRMS at around 2500 +/- 500 globally

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Hi everyone,

I'm putting together a departmental presentation on the significance of normalization methods in stable isotope analysis.

Out of curiosity, does anyone have any data on the number of stable isotope facilities currently in operation around the US/Europe/World? I can't imagine who would keep track of such information, but perhaps someone here does?




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