Hi all:

Some time ago I posted about my SO2 working gas not registering a signal when introduced via the Conflo IV  (Delta V/Flash1112 setup).  As suspected a faulty/failed flipper valve would appear to have been the culprit.  However when I installed the replacement (thanks Christine!) the signal has reduced considerably while no other settings were changed. A previous undiluted 10V signal is now registering at just over 3V. As suggested,  leaving the system even over the weekend has not resulted in any appreciable improvement.  At this level, stability is outside factory suggestions at just over 0.1 per mil but not terrible. Working with this reduced level though and to "bed in" a new reactor Ive ran a few standards. I don't know if the two are related but these results are a bit hit and miss.  For example, while running in triplicate, 2 of 3 would give acceptable precision, almost invariably a third result would skew this to the point I now have to question the EA setup -although again nothing has changed from before my working gas blockage except for all new consumables.

Any  and all suggestions accepted



Dr. Neil Ogle
Stable Isotope facility
School of Natural and Built Environment
Queen's University of Belfast
Northern Ireland