Shelburne Village Dog Park:
Dog Park Expenses to build

initial expenses



DJ's tree service


initial clearing along fence line for installation.

Builtwell Fence


Builtwell Fence




dog park welcome sign/ rules

pet waste eliminater


dog bag dispensers and bins

Sub Total


add on expenses



1/2 paid by Town, 1/2 paid by Dog Park fund



2 benches paid by donations

builtwell fencing


small dog area

Rice Lumber


Dog wash area

R & J Trucking


stone / Rocks for front entrance

Sub Total


Total to Build


Of this amount, the Town paid for $5,000

This amount does not include general operating expenses

   such as for dog bags, trash clean up, etc.

The SVDP Committee and Friends group raised the money themselves through a variety of fundraisers and donations.  They got a few large donations $500-$1000+ from local businesses, sold Dog Park calendars with pictures of local dogs (anyone could submit a picture for a fee), held a dog wash, sold t-shirts, and more.  They also were present at local community events such as the Farmer's Market to help raise awareness.  They sold $25 yearly memberships to be a "Friend".

Betsy Cieplicki, Director
Shelburne Parks and Recreation
PO Box 88
Shelburne, VT  05482<>