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Don't you just want to jump on and ride with me in Virtual Reality? Good! Let's go!! My course on using VR in education is coming up October 27! Sign up and join me in VR!! The date and location may be still wrong on the Castleton U site. Course is on October 27 at Castleton U in room 156.

Virtual Reality is the next big step in education. Students can be inside the human body to explore how it all works, go inside famous paintings, learn a new language in relevant surroundings, paint and sculpt in 3D, read virtual interactive books, go to famous places and countries, leap back into time, travel into space and go places that they never dreamed of. This new tool has the power to teach our students in ways we never dreamed possible! The experience is engaging to say the least, but it is also interactive and some apps are actually collaborative. This course will not only demonstrate how to use the device, experiences and apps, but we will explore apps for education and learn how to plan for experiential learning in VR as well as developing assessments.


Clarena M. Renfrow, M.Ed.

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