I am recruiting two new graduate students (one MS and one PhD) to work on two different NSF funded projects in past cryosphere behavior. Both involve the measurement of in situ carbon-14 in glacially modified bedrock surfaces.

The first at the MS level and focuses on refining chronologies of Holocene glacier extent throughout the American Cordilleras, from pole to pole. This work is collaborative with scientists at the University of Wisconsin and Boston College and the selected student will work closely with faculty and students at these institutions. It is expected that the student will conduct one season of field research in the Coast Ranges of British Columbia or southern Alaska.

The second student is expected to be admitted at the PhD level will be part of the Geological History Constraints team, which is part of the larger International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration. This work is collaborative with a large team of researches in both the United States and United Kingdom. The goals of the work is to determine if and then possibly when was Thwaites Glacier, Antarctica was smaller than at present by measuring carbon-14 in bedrock collected subglacially. Part of the student’s work will also be the development of carbon-14 measurements in minerals other than quartz. The student may have an opportunity to conduct field work in Antarctica during the 2020/2021season.

Students with backgrounds in geology are ideally sought, but backgrounds in physical geography, physics, and chemistry will also be considered. A strong foundation in mathematics is necessary; coursework in mineralogy, petrology, glaciology/glacial geology is a strong preference.

I will be at GSA at the Tulane University graduate recruiting table if any students would like to meet. Please share with any students that might be interested.


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