I have a property owner who has misplaced the CU-313 that was mailed to him.
Could you email a PDF of his form to me and I will print and get it to him ASAP?

The Town and SPAN is
Guildhall  270-085-10205

The Owner is 

Nels Nelson III
PO Box 563
Lancaster NH  03584



George Blakeslee
Guildhall Town Clerk/Treasurer


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Subject: FW: Current Use Annual Certification for Agricultural Land and Buildings

On Monday, September 10, 2018, the Annual Certification for Agricultural Land and Buildings were mailed to landowners in the current use program who have active agricultural land or buildings enrolled in the program that are required to submit an annual certification.  Below is information about the requirements for returning these form and where landowners can check for additional information.

Current Use Program
2019 Annual Certification for Agricultural Land and Farm Buildings

Annually by November 1, owners of enrolled agricultural land and/or farm buildings must certify that their agricultural land and farm buildings continue to meet the requirements for Current Use Program enrollment.

The Vermont Department of Taxes will mail Form CU-313, Use Value Appraisal Program Agricultural Land Buildings Certification, to each landowner at the address it has on file. This is a pre-printed form with specific parcel information maintained by the Department. No generic form is available.

A landowner must complete, sign, and either postmark or hand deliver Form CU-313, by November 1.

Mail completed forms to:
Vermont Department of Taxes
Current Use Program
PO Box 1499
Montpelier, VT   05601-1499

Or hand deliver completed forms to:  Vermont Department of Taxes, 133 State Street, 1st Floor, Montpelier, VT

Failure to certify by November 1 will result in the removal of agricultural land and enrolled farm buildings from the Current Use Program. When the land and buildings are removed from the program, the property taxes are based upon the assessed value of the property, not the use value, which will increase property taxes for the landowner.

Available beginning September 10, 2018, a landowner may look up their School Property Account Number (SPAN) using the online search found on the Department of Taxes website, http://tax.vermont.gov/property-owners/current-use/placing- property-into-current-use/certification. This list of SPANs will display the parcels requiring annual certification. This list does not indicate whether Form CU-313 has been received by the Department.