As many of you know, this year's VermontFest is filled exciting
How about inviting two more people from your school to attend.
And to entice you to reach out, here is a chance to sit and have lunch with
one of our Global Speakers

[image: image.png]

1) Look through the schedule and find a session that you KNOW one of your
colleagues might like. Send it to someone who hasn't already registered to

2) Send them the session link and invite them to join you!

3) Fill out this form with your name and email and the name and email of
the person you are inviting to Vermont Fest.

4) If that person registers to attend between today and November 7, we'll
put both of you in a DRAWING to sit at one of our featured speakers table
during lunch at VermontFest and get a signed book.

Lucie deLaBruere

Google Voice (802) 557 0013

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