Course data is not required for PreK students at this time. You can submit this data if you really wanted to, but there is currently no requirement for the data.

Dave Kelley

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Subject: SLDS - Course/section/staff data for Act 166 / PreK?

Hi All,

Are folks submitting course/section/staff data for the Act 166/Pre-Kindergarten students? If so, what type of course settings/mappings are you using?

There is a Course Code of 23002 for Pre-Kindergarten.

What about the teacher(s)? There are generic codes for postsecondary, out of state, and virtual. What about for teachers/directors of the Act 166 programs?
   -Postsecondary Vermont Educator (9999100)
   -Postsecondary Educator Out of State (9999150)
    -Out of State/Country Educator (9999200)
   -Virtual Vermont Educator (9999300)
   -Virtual Educator Out of State (9999350)

Michelle M. Devino
Data Manager
Colchester School District
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