Hello all: 

This is specific to all of you out there that are using the State Level SketchUP licensing grant program.   It has come to our attention (THANKS Carrie Fogg!)  that the 2018 license you are now using is set to expire in December of this year.  The actual (or corrected) expiration from SketchUP is November of 2020.


They have alerted us that they have fixed the issue, BUT you will need to ask us again for the new reauthorization code so that your software continues to run seamlessly beyond the December expiration.    So, as you did before, simply put in a request to Rose Wheeler, [log in to unmask]  and she will get you the new information.   Please indicate in the subject line “SketchUP reauthorization”.   You will then need to enter the authorization codes again and that will fix your expiration date. 




Other information concerning SketchUP, and this pertains to all, those currently using it, and those that may not have availed themselves of it yet:

The Agency of Education has the license information for SketchUP 2016, 2017 and the LATEST, 2018.   You of course should use the latest version.  We DO NOT have a 2019 version and have been told that it is not ready yet.  SketchUP indicates that 2018 is current and relevant and should serve all of your needs.  


There is a version of SketchUP that is browser based:

The online SketchUp for Schools officially launched in 2017. It works with G Suite for Education and it allows SketchUp to be used completely online so Chromebooks can use the software. To get the Chromebook version of SketchUP, use the following link: https://www.sketchup.com/education/sketchup-for-schools


Lastly, FYI.. Competition opens on 3D Vermont on Nov. 1.  We’d love to see your school represented in March this year.  SketchUP is used extensively in this competition.   I’ll send out a registration link next week via this list.  



Peter Drescher

State Director of Educational Technology

VT Agency of Education

219 N. Main St. Suite 402

Barre, VT   05641






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