We use Aruba AP’s everywhere. We did essentially the same thing you are doing.  I set up Radius and MAC filtering in NCUHS on two private VLAN’s.  The other schools have a private SSID with a WPA key and a public SSID.   I set up public SSID DHCP addresses to use Google for DNS and set up access rules to prevent access to private networks.  I also denied access to unregistered devices on our private networks.  I have been monitoring our bandwidth since school started and the drop in overhead by redirecting public network DNS to Google was significant.  I concur that it is a security issue to allow personal devices to connect to any locally shared resources. 


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Subject: personal devices on secure wireless network


Hi All,


We're moving in the direction of one brand of AP in our district. Along with this we've created two universal SSIDs (ACSD-Secure, and ACSD-Guest). I've also been forcing personal devices off the secure network, which doesn't allow for file browsing or printing. As you can expect, this has been unpopular with people who have been connected with their personal devices to the secure. To me its a security issue.  


Anyone care to weigh in on how this topic is handled in your district, and why? Thanks. 



Will Hatch

Director Of Technology

Addison Central School District


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