I saw this article from Andrew Julian come through my stream this morning

and it made me proud to be a member of the  #vted community where we have
so many teachers on the leading edge. The coding strand at VermontFest  is
perfect example of this and includes coding opportunities from BeeBots in
Kindergarten, to building mobile apps with MIT App Inventor, to coding
physical objects with microBits and the new Scratch 3.0, to Coding in
Google Slides.

And even a brand new alliance that will bring amazing opportunities to
Vermont teachers  in ALL disciplines.  If you're school's is asking
questions about computer science at all levels,   you'll definitely want to
send some of your teachers to VermontFest to follow this strand!  A
preliminary schedule is live - with more to come!  Spread the world

Computer Science Alliance (UVM, VTVLC, Computer Science is a
fundamental skill that is valuable for every student to learn as part of a
21st century education. and the Vermont Computer Science Alliance
are dedicated to providing teacher professional development and
inquiry-based computer science learning opportunities in Vermont at the
K-12 levels. Join us for a discussion about how to successfully integrate
computer science into the classroom using the resources you currently have
available and how we can help.
Coding for Younger Learners Interested in taking a stab at teaching
robotics to young children? Learn about how Kindergarten and 1st graders
worked together with older students to learn the principles of coding. Try
your hand at Robot Turtles and BeeBots.
Coding for Younger Learners Exploring Code with BeeBots
Build an app with MIT’s App Inventor In this workshop, we will work through
how to build a simple app using MIT’s App Inventor. We will discuss the
pre-made components that are available as part of this web-based program,
how to use the blocks and make it interactive, and how to test it out on an
Android phone. Please bring an Android phone if you have one available,
otherwise we will have a few available for testing during the workshop.
Scratch 3.0 MicroBits So many new ways to code physical objects with
Scratch 3.0 including using the BBC MicroBits. Come try for yourself in
this hands on session.
Coding & Math Using Google Sheets How do we inspire students from groups
that are underrepresented in Math and Technology fields? For two years, we
have worked on providing access to high-quality differentiated coding
activities that inspired our students to change their mindset about Math
and Technology.

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