Just wanted to let folks know about an opportunity for teachers to develop a project to document computer science opportunities in their local business community. There is funding for teachers included.

From this week's weekly field memo:

Film Making Opportunity: Computer Science in Your Community

The Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance (MMSA)<> has an opportunity for educators to go beyond coding and engage students with computer science happening in their community. MMSA is looking for several Vermont teachers (grades 7 to 12) to work on a student filmmaking project highlighting how local businesses utilize computer science and computational thinking. Participants can earn a $2,300 stipend while learning how to work with students students to produce these inexpensive, short videos. MMSA staff have produced some sample videos available on their website that highlight a variety of careers using computational thinking skills, including a dental hygienist, auto repair shop, and web developer. Participating teachers are expected to produce at least one video with their students. Space is limited.
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