Hi Library Friends (if you don't feel like this applies to you, feel free to delete)!

There's a lot of exciting stuff happening at VTFest, November 8 and 9th!  If you're planning on attending, any interest in setting up an informal Librarian's Chat in the Extended Learning Opportunities Lounge?  I am running the ELO with Lucie deLaBruere's help, so I can slot us in.  Right now, we're pretty flexible 8-9am on either day, and anytime after 2pm on Friday.  We could also pick one of the break times, so as to not conflict with other sessions, but that's your dedicated time for visiting the vendors.

I am in the middle of genrefying, so I'd love to chat about that, but everyone can bring their own topics...

If you're interested, please reply back to me with which time and day might work best for you.

Thanks, and happy Tuesday!


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