Greetings List Lurkers,

5 PM will find yours truly on a train crossing the Massachusetts border.

That said, this may be the perfect time to continue our evaluation of
Jitsi, a meeting software which will allow us to join Hac-DC for their
"Microrocessor Monday" meeting, where Julia and KJCole can share the skinny
about our Rootic Overlords...

Simultaneously Shawn-of-the-dead will support the acquisition and
preparation of no doubt contraband Pizza, and shall introduce the Hobbit
as  Seargent-At-Arms.

I expect to sign into this madness at 5 PM...

For you Yak watchers - hang on till next week, they are indeed still out


Remote in Connecticut...

On Aug 13, 2018 08:11, "Paul Flint" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Greetings List Lurkers,

40th Anneversary Yak shaved.

Come for pizza!


On Mon, Jul 30, 2018, 08:57 Paul Flint <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Greetings List Lurkers,
> Monday morning looking pretty good, and we shall have pizza...
> On to the Yaks!
> To stipulate, shaving one Yak is the basic unit of activity for what I
> appear
> to be doing all day.  Thus, what we are doing is lining up the Yaks of
> last
> week and comparing them to the Yaks of next week, extracting the present
> Yaks.
> This morning the Yaks hover around me, all looking to be shaved...  Let me
> just
> write about them in what appears to be priority order:
> Son Yak: #1 son last week showed off his lighting system, which is so damn
> cool I cannot believe it.  I am working on documentation.  Very awesome...
> Juypter Yak. Is the answer to all of my problems Juypter Notebooks?  If so
> why
> is Anaconda such a dog to install? (Forth week on Yak list).  It the
> ticket to
> do this all in Docker?  Why can't I get off the dime with this?
> Yet another Yak
> As the Flatland Fred Tuttle... I am on the ballot for Washington County
> Vermont
> House District three.  It turns out there will be a primary August 14th...
> We marched in the Barre Heritage Day parade, and I learned an important
> lesson - On a float use a Raspberry Pi for audio control.  While an
> Android tablet or phone appear to do the job, do not be fooled, they are
> unreadable in the sunlight, and fail in the most interesting ways while
> trying to send a song to an amplifier...
> If you want you can find out more information about the campaign by
> keeping an eye on the web site
> Part of this Yak is that I may have successfully devised a sign making
> system here at the house. I finished painting the test sign last night.
> The sign performed way better than the electronics...
> Next up is the Primary...
> The next step is to light up the sign for use August 14th at the polling
> place.
> Way too many Yaks not enough time...
> CNC Bit Yak
> After breaking way to many bits, Anderson our excellent neighbor pointed
> out that we need new spindle motors.  Got them they are beautiful.  Now
> for the adapter plate...
> The new Yak - ""
> What I want to get running is a Get Out The Vote system called,
> which
> is, of course, a new Yak.  Next step - Get on to Vote Builder...
> So, the short answer is we are still here and the meeting will take place
> today
> at 17:00.
> Our standard topics once again remain:
> - Open Source Educational Human Development
>     I am changing the priority of our eternal needs, and placing education
>     first, as manifest in a Barre Brain Barn. - Maker Movement A Maker
>     Space in Barre?  Why not? We clearly have a Maker Faire profile.
> Could it
>     be that the commercial power centers are beginning to appreciate the
> value
>     of the maker movement. See:
>     Here are the city and statewide plans:
>     Who has good ideas about a Barre Maker Space.  Why not do digital stone
>     soup?
> - Move BOSI towards reStructuredText.
>    I am researching a tiddly2rest converter.  This would allow us to become
>    more git centric... avoid the need to change to gittlywiki...
>    We still need to convert...  Maybe the answer is Juypter Notebook...
> - Blue Sky R&D,
>    Except in Vermont it will be Gun-metal Grey Sky(c) R&D
>    (GMGSR&D).  The kid is in town...  A great researcher...
> - I fought the DREK and the DREK continues to win. Remember, What
>    really is holds us back is DREK!!!  DREK is what happens to your
>    workspace (both hardware and software) when you fail to put stuff
>    away, or you let your friends or relatives use it.  This is a cosmic
>    law.  While having #1Son around helped, I am still fighting DREK.
>    How to get over it?  The secret may be empty pellet bags.
>    TechnoRubble is hereby defined as organized DREK.  DREK is
>    just what you get prior to something becoming TechnoRubble.
>    Just to let you know I am desperately trying to turn DREK into
>    TechnoRubble.  The ultimate goal being the development and
>    implementation of the TechnoRubble Taxonomy.
> These four points are really Yaks and are quickly becoming more than our
> policy, less like conventional Yaks, and more like prayers... But from now
> on
> they are Yaks.
> On this last area here at Casa Flint Labs, we have made progress, as the
> is in remission, and Spring Cleaning continues into summer and on... Do
> not all
> volunteer at once!
> Anyway, we have the technology and we will have Pizza tonight 5-7 at
> Hedding
> UMC.  Accept no substitutes... For those coming in via voice or the
> Internet,
> so not forget this information:
> ...and we hope that there are folks who are gonna try, the swim "TADA"
> starts
> at 6:00 PM EST.
> Our ongoing major objective is to continue to try to figure out how to
> invest
> the time and resources to turn the Barre Open Systems Institute into more
> than
> just the Adult Swim technical clinic and more into a real learning
> facility,
> and figure out where our good chairs went. One direction we have been
> working
> on is to begin thinking about classes. The curriculum that I am most
> interested
> in is teaching documentation.
> The goal of the meeting shall be unusual, as it will be more about
> planning and
> vision and less about how to get organized and try to get the various
> projects
> moving forward, despite DREK. We continue to wonder about how to build the
> curriculum to this web page:
>, works, and has just been updated.
> Remember, the BOSI Adult Swim is essentially about helping out fellow
> users of
> open source products in a clinic environment.  Despite my very best of
> intentions, the Adult Swim is really almost a perpetual Linux
> install-fest, and
> only secondarily a learning environment.
> The ever growing list of Yaks (previously called projects, now on our web
> site
> :^) includes the following with no particular organization or accuracy:
> - Must feed this hungry beast.,
> works,
> and has just been updates see javascript link to
> Pi Minecraft,
> cool.
> This is the site we want to get Pi Minecraft
> working
> with. Barre Brain Barn. Ok, this is
> a real
> project eh?
> A Docker
> copy
> of VM370 The Kindle Liberation Front
> A pythonic interface to Income Tax?
> What happens when you combine Bash and Zenity?
> ok, it is on the list.
> jesum they love this robot
> monitor that pellet furnace
> moving in the arduino groove
> to get better at Javascript
> Temperature Sensors Project
> The quest for Roberts Rules -
> Yea, I am not kidding...
> remedial raw mrtg for the slow...
> all versions
> maybe a very cool project.
> oh please let me be organized!
> this may be the least organized
> A big noble idea.
> A less noble idea to feed the
> is tiddlywiki5 the answer?
> or, go to
> This list has been updated... Next we shoot for accuracy!
> Otherwise, Barre indeed remains a great venue for a Linux and Open Source
> Software discussion and general system rejuvenation. Expect to be remotely
> preached at on the various topics of Open Source and how I am confident it
> shall cure all the evils and ills of this wicked world.  In a perfect
> meeting,
> people would come in, sit down, see the stuff we have been doing and
> hopefully
> help us get the DIY stuff we are doing done, or maybe just fix a laptop.
> So, do not forget that the Aldrich Barre library stocks "Linux Format",
> and the
> latest issue is on the shelf, and it is good.  The DVD's are available to
> checkout and copy, we shall to continue provide copies and isos of each
> and
> every one. I am continuing to duplicate about a years worth of DVD's which
> is
> quite a task. You may want to watch this space for developments.
> Anyway, come and do free and open source stuff. For more information about
> the
> BOSI Adult Swim meeting time and location try this:
> Directions to the Adult Swim:
> or, go to
> and click on directions.
> Show up at Hedding UMC if you have questions or are interested in Linux or
> the
> concept of free and open systems.  Again, we are in the basement of the
> Hedding
> UMC facility which we like pretty well.
> If you wish to be included on the "Linux_adult_swim" mailing list, send a
> response to this note, or contact me.
> I expect to be chastised by eagle-eyed Dr. Mark, or god forbid, Effin.
> Note
> that Dr. Mark remains our Honorary Editor.
> It is summer.  Lets hit the Adult Swim!
> This done, I am gonna work on a policy paper about our Rights!
> Kindest Regards,
> Paul Flint
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