Apparently, Sunday afternoon is the time to see birds with unusual

Last Sunday, while traveling north on Route 7 in New Haven, I noticed a
light colored bird in a flock of starlings as they flew from the grass
beside the roadway to a utility pole. After turning around and finding a
safe spot to view the birds, I saw that it was also a starling but with
mostly white feathers.

This afternoon, while birding at Delta Park IBA, I observed a Canada goose
whose body was a very pale gray. It stood out in stark contrast to the
other geese around it. It's head and neck were the correct color and
pattern so I suspect that this individual was not a hybrid but a color

I was able to get photos of each bird. (The quality of the photos is not
great but they do show how these individuals stood out from the crowd.)
Those photos are attached to the following eBird checklists:

Aubrey Choquette
Ferrisburgh, VT