Pretty sure the mottling on your birds tells the tale.  When seen from 
the back, immature Balds are mottled, but immature Goldens are generally 
solid brown.

My best ID mark for Goldens of any age when seen from below as a 
hawkwatcher is the size of the head and bill, which are noticeably 
smaller in the Golden.  Balds have great big honkers!  Another mark, so 
I read but have never seen, and only if the bird's posture is one where 
you can see it, is that the Golden's legs are heavily feathered right 
down to the feet, whereas the Bald has nekkid ankles, so to speak.

I also read that Goldens are much wilder and less tolerant of human 
presence than Balds, which also would suggest your birds were Bald.

Interesting question!


On 10/18/2018 11:38 AM, Becky Giroux wrote:
> Wednesday afternoon in Orwell at the intersection of Old Sawmill Road and Vail Road  I came across 2 eagles, 5 crows and 13 turkey vultures.  There were some TV's sitting on the wooden fence, one eagle in a nearby tree and another eagle in the road working at some road kill.  The eagles were brown, mottled in color; no white head or tail.
> I was wondering if these birds are 1st year or 2nd year eagles.  Could these 2 birds possibly be Golden Eagles?  I have seen adult Bald eagles in this area in the past so I am assuming they are the Bald Species.
> Becky