Hello Fellow Sparrow Enthusiasts!  

This afternoon, intending to go home, I was distracted by a gang of very red (and large) sparrows foraging along the Main Road (between Moody Road and Smith Road) in Huntington.  So I gave it my undivided attention, watching and counting for a solid thirty minutes.  Hail falling, light wind suggesting winter is near, and in desperate need for opportunities such as this to harden off for winter, I weathered the cold and counted (again and again).  Each time a car passed by, the majority of birds would retreat to the protection of dense shrubs, but they would just as quickly return to the edges of the road.   When they took flight, I could see that there were many more than what I had estimated, easily 100 birds and likely many more.  It ended when a school bus roared by, this time all the sparrows fleeing, never to be seen or heard again.

“Bird where the birds are!”

What a treat!