After noticing a number of raptors migrating across L. Champlain from the Charlotte area earlier today (Red-tails, No. Harriers, Red-shouldered, 1 Golden Eagle, and Bald Eagle), Jim Mead and I decided to do a mini hawk watch on Sunset Hill Rd. in Williston.  

Here are the numbers for the 1hr 45min we were there mid-day.  

TV  - 1
Golden Eagle - 4   (3 imm, 1 Adult with full crop)
Sharpies - 4
Coopers - 1
Red-tail - 11
Red-shouldered - 4 
Buteo Sp.   - 4

Perfect conditions for late fall raptor migration.  Low clouds, brisk NW wind, snow, sleet, 36F.  

When I returned to Stowe, I checked the Mayo Farm location I bird at frequently, and watched another adult Golden Eagle (with very full crop), meander southward.

A 6 Golden Eagle day.  Never knew it was possible in VT.

Dress warmly, enjoy the cold and snow and keep looking up!

Liz Lackey