Saturday...a galliant  effort by 10 Birders, scanning at least 6 hours consecutively (not sure what time Dick LaValley arrived), produced no tanager.  But that was besides the point!  The hosts, Bill and Cheryl, were reminded me of being at June and Don Kenney’s  cozy home in Bolton when “V.T.” brought so many folks together several winters ago.  We may have dipped on the bird this time, but gained a new friendship with these generous folks. Thank you, Cheryl and Bill for making birding in Vermont so special.


Greetings all,
A Summer Tanager is hanging out up in Enosburg Falls. Bill and Cheryl Donlon wanted folks to know. I think he mentioned Kent told him it was the 6th record for VT. If you are interested in catching a glimpse please call first 933-3059. It's been hanging around for about 3 days and visits the grapes in their yard every couple of hours.


Mark LaBarr
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Audubon Vermont
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